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Here are the more technical aspects of shooting, with advice on sighting rifles, how to evaluate accuracy, reload ammunition and detailed ballistic and trajectory data for 160 of the most popular rifle calibres and air rifles.


Hunting stories and information on knives, processing game meat, safety and survival and even fishing – Everything you need to know to be a proficient hunter. 

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Get the low down on latest and greatest equipment! Reviews on all gear Hunting, Shooting and Fishing related. Coming soon!


One of my key drivers is enjoying game meat from the animals I have hunted.  This section has some family favourite meals but is not limited solely to game meats.  There are few pastries and other favourites there as well.

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Terminal Ballistic Performance

My recent Chital deer hunt provided a great comparison of interesting ballistic terminal performance in two very different calibres. As it turned out, the two Chital we shot were both taken when moving from right to left and quartering slightly towards the hunter.  In... read more

Gaerne Falcone Hiking Boots

I am in the process of field testing the Gaerne Falcone hiking boots for a review in the one of the SSAA magazines.  These are Italian made and the manufacture still includes a handwork component.  Gaerne market two robust hiking boots aimed at hunters and others who... read more

Chital Deer Hunting

I have just returned from a Chital hunt with visiting photographer and hunting buddy, Jan.  We had returned to one of my favourite spots to harvest some venison.  Only six weeks ago we had visited the same place with the intention of photographing a good stag and then... read more


Aussiehunter has been evolving since its inception in late 2011.  My name is Don Caswell, I retired in early 2012 and wanted an absorbing project to pursue that would build upon my existing interests and passions.  The result was the aussiehunter web site.

For thirty years I have been a freelance writer, mostly for the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) and I have always striven to share and perpetuate my approach to, and the joy of, hunting.

“The Aussiehunter web site contains a wealth of useful and entertaining information, images and stories.  I hope you will enjoy reading of my adventures. ”

Responding to reader requests, aussiehunter will be featuring more product reviews and offering a select range of such products for sale.