Kitchen and Bush

I have been remiss with my blogging and must claim having been too busy to find time to write.  We are preparing to host a big family event and there has been a lot of preparatory work for that over the last couple of weeks. Today I cut up a venison shoulder for an...
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Woody Sport Muck Boots

All clouds have silver linings, it is said.  The onset of misty drizzle has washed out plans for a ridge stake-out on wild dogs.  However, it has provided an opportunity to test out the Woody Sport Muck Boot that is distributed in Australia by Tasco Sales.  The retail...
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Pig Saddle

Wyoming correspondent, Sonny, alerted me to the unlikely named Pig Saddle.  Sonny has tried a lot of different rests and bipods over the years and rates this one highly.  Prompted by his endorsement, I contacted the US manufacturer who in turn put me in touch with the...
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Aussiehunter has been evolving since its inception in late 2011.  My name is Don Caswell, I retired in early 2012 and wanted an absorbing project to pursue that would build upon my existing interests and passions.  The result was the aussiehunter web site.

For thirty years I have been a freelance writer, mostly for the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) and I have always striven to share and perpetuate my approach to, and the joy of, hunting.

“The Aussiehunter web site contains a wealth of useful and entertaining information, images and stories.  I hope you will enjoy reading of my adventures. ”

Responding to reader requests, aussiehunter will be featuring more product reviews and offering a select range of such products for sale.


Gear Reviews

Reviews on all gear Hunting, Shooting and Fishing. Coming soon!


This section contains hunting stories and guidance on how to become proficient in the sport.  Also included is information on choosing a hunting knife and how to sharpen knives.  Naturally, the correct processing of game meat is covered too.  We touch on safety and survival in the wilderness and also give some consideration to fishing.


Here are the more technical aspects of shooting, with advice on sighting rifles, how to evaluate accuracy and reload ammunition.  One of the most popular sections of the entire web site are detailed ballistic and trajectory data for 160 of the most popular rifle calibres.  Air rifles are well covered too.


One of my key drivers is enjoying game meat from the animals I have hunted.  This section has some family favourite meals but is not limited solely to game meats.  There are few pastries and other favourites there as well.