For a hectic 22LR plinking or bunny hunting session I like to have an ammo pouch with plenty of loose ammo and a spare magazine.  I have had had a few such pouches over the years, but I reckon my last effort in designing such a pouch nailed it.  Some recent comments by reader Con prompted me post some details about that pouch.

Not long after I bought my Weihrauch HW 66 rifle I had the local saddler make a pouch to my design.  It has a rounded bottom to facilitate the easy scooping out of loose rounds.  Even though the pouch is physically small it can easily hold hundreds of rounds of 22LR ammo.

The pouch has a belt loop to allow it to be worn that way; ideal for an afternoon walkabout varminting session.  The pouch also has a couple of D shackles on the sides that allow it to slung over the shoulder on a strap; that is more useful in a vehicle for night time spotlighting.

22LR ammo pouch

I had the saddler put an outside pocket on the pouch sized to hold a spare magazine.  Another feature I wanted was a tray shaped lid to the pouch.  That is most useful for a bench shooting session where spare rounds can be shaken out into the lid for easy access.

22LR ammo pouch

A more detailed review of the pouch should be getting published in the SSAA magazine sometime soon.