I am pleased to announce a newly launched specialty air gun business with solid credentials and expertise in all things air gun related.

Matt Winser and Geoff Cheah, who have been of great assistance to me in resolving a range of my air rifle problems, have just opened Airgun Sports Australia.

From my personal experience I can attest that both are knowledgeable and accomplished airgunners.  They have now pooled that wealth of experience in what will be a valuable resource to Australian airgun enthusiasts.

Airgun Sports Australia provides a comprehensive set of services and products.  That list will expand with time.

If your particular interest is not featured on the web site then making contact via a web query or phone call would be worthwhile.  The web site, like the business itself, is only just launched and will expand going forward.

I have no commercial involvement or affiliation with Airgun Sports Australia.  My only interest is as a satisfied customer who was more than pleased with help provided by a couple of guys who really know their stuff.

For anyone with a serious interest in air guns I would confidently recommend Matt and Geoff’s Airgun Sports Australia as a starting point.  Following is a list of what the guys can currently provide.

Airgun Sports Australia

  • Service and maintain numerous brands of air rifles and pistols
  • Tuning services for both Spring Pistons and Pre-Charged Pneumatics (PCP)
  • Bespoke airgun parts and spares
  • Complete rebuild depending on requirements
  • Complete rifle packages
  • Sole Australian/NZ distributor and vendor of AEON rifle scopes
  • Australian distributor for Hills Pumps including service facilities and parts
  • Custom design & built rifle stocks (Worboys Custom Stocks)
  • Panther Pellets (TBA)
  • Digital Nightvision – Starlight Arrow
  • Pellet sample packs (various brands) in 0.177 & 0.22
  • Soft coat barrel Pull Throughs with hard wood handles
  • General advice to get you properly established