Readers may have noticed that the site was down for a few days.  That was the result of shifting domain and hosting providers.  It was supposed to be a quick and painless procedure but, as so often happens, a couple of wrenches found their way into the gears.

Those issues were compounded by me being on a trip for a couple of weeks and trying to patch up the website between times.

Anyway, all is back to normal and soon I will be home again.

It seems the wild dogs have been busy in my absence.  I have had a few calls from local farmers experiencing attacks on their calves.  Before I left on my trip I was out and about each morning and afternoon trying to account for wild dogs close to home.  I did get a couple of distant, fleeting glimpses, but nothing that came close to offering a shot.  The trail cameras showed plenty of activity as well.

The two images below are sequential and interesting.  There is a gap of 5 minutes or so between them.  The big black dog remains standing where the calf carcass had so recently been lying.  Although the photos do not show it, I think a big boar pig came and stole the carcass from the wild dog.  When hunting buddy Jan and I checked the camera early the next morning, the calf carcass had been dragged off 10 metres and pulled to bits.

The other good news from home is that during our absence there has been good rain and the lake has risen substantially.  Soon after I get home there will be some kayaking on the agenda as well.

Now you see it


Now you don’t