Yesterday, I began my review of this rifle, and it was a good start.  With a brand-new rifle, I followed the recommended shooting-in procedure.  That is, shoot-one and then clean for each of the first ten rounds, followed by shoot-three and clean for the next 50 rounds.

I had a variety of factory ammo to test in this rifle.  I shot three-shot groups of each and repeated a few of the better ones as I wrapped up the first day at the range.  It had taken into early afternoon to complete the 60-round shooting-in process.

Next session at the range will be quicker, as I will be on a shoot-nine and clean regime.  Also, some of the ammo that shot about MOA may deliver better groups when a fouler has been fired.  I found a number of groups placed the first shot from a clean barrel a smidge high and left, then put the next two together.

The Hornady 140 grain HPBT were less dependent on an initial fouler shot and delivered three 3-shot groups around 0.5 MOA.  So, it was a promising start to my testing and review of the Bergara B14 Hunter rifle.  My detailed, full review will eventually be published in the SSAA magazine.