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Roo Recipes

Yesterday we had our neighbourhood street party – an annual event.  Invitees are actually from a bit wider area than just the street and it is quite a gathering.  It was good to catch up with a few folks I have not seen since the last Christmas party. In recent days...

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Hunting small game with an air rifle

We do not buy much meat from the butchers.  Most of the meat we eat is game meat from our hunting efforts.  Tonight’s dinner for example was roast leg of kangaroo with roast vegetables. A growing proportion of our herbs, fruit and vegetables are home grown too.  It is...

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Roo Stew

We decided that we would enjoy a nice Sunday lunch and a quiet afternoon, after being pretty busy every day for the last few weeks. Lunch was an interesting blend of cultures.  The main course was Brazilian Roo Stew.  The more astute readers have probably already...

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Long Hot Summer

It was another hectic week where we managed to complete the move into the new house then clean up the old place.  There were a few tradesmen coming and going as well, doing minor finishing-off jobs. We also hosted a few social events, starting off as we mean to...

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Roo Medallions

Another superb summer’s day here in Yungaburra. We were up and about early and even though it was a glorious morning, you could just tell it was going to be a hot one. My brother-in-law called in early and together we snigged a few fallen logs and did a bit of chain...

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Sauted Red-claw Crayfish Tails

Lots going on with the house as we push for completion and move-in by mid November. The house is full of tradesmen as the fit-out is now in full swing. This afternoon I managed to find an hour or so between talking to tradies to give the rifles a good clean after...

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