It is normally cityscapes, architecture and sculpture that catches my wife’s eye, while I am more motivated by the natural world.  However, Kathy is not oblivious the beauty of nature.  Not so long ago we were in a good position to observe courting Brolgas from close range and Kathy was captivated by that spectacle.

Brolgas are an iconic Australian crane; a gentle and graceful bird well known across the continent.  Unobtrusively observing from nearby, we were fortunate to have a male Brolga begin a courtship dance.

The large bird pranced about with delicate balletic leaps and bows, seeking to impress the three prospective mates watching him.  He tossed grass into the air and added some serenading calls to complement his dance.  The courtship went on for some time and Kathy was busy trying to catch the key moments with her camera.

There are quite a few challenges in obtaining a technically correct photograph.  The real challenge having done that is in using Adobe post processing to bring out the essence of the emotion from the moment in time captured in a raw photograph.  Kathy finds that sort of processing an absorbing and interesting challenge.

Hope, adoration, love and other emotions can be read into the courtship displays of animals observed by watching humans.  While we may anthropomorphizing such things, we can still admire the beauty of nature and draw something deeper from it for our own personal satisfaction.

aussiehunter Kathy's Brolga dance

aussiehunter Kathy's Brolga dance 3

aussiehunter Kathy's Brolga dance 2