Recently I have rediscovered the great fun of plinking with a 22LR.  Abetting that fun is having the right choice of optics on the 22LR rifle you are using.  As part of a detailed review for the SSAA magazine I have been putting a Bushnell Rimfire 3-12×40 scope through testing on the range and in the field.

I will reproduce that full review on the web site in due course, after it has been published by the SSAA.  However I can summarize a number of features of the Bushnell Rimfire scope that I particularly like.  Those are,

  • Sharp and clear optics
  • The side turret adjustable parallax from 10 yards to infinity
  • The inclusion of ballistic turrets for both the 22LR and 17HMR
  • The one piece tube construction
  • The 3 to 12 power range
  • The appropriate length and weight for a rimfire rifle
  • An Aussie retail price from around $300

For hunting fleet-footed bunnies in daylight I found the wide view of the Bushnell and the 3x minimum power setting everything I wanted.  Not many bunnies made good their escape that afternoon!

The ballistic turret really makes for or an enjoyable couple of hours and adds a new dimension to a plinking session.  With a series of responsive targets, such as blocks of wood, placed at varying distances out towards 200 metres, a rangefinder, plenty of ammo and a shooting buddy or two you can have a ball.