I enjoyed a bit of unusual indulgence for lunch today.  I cooked myself a couple of venison sliders – mini hamburgers.  The best part was that most of the ingredients were home-made.  The venison, of course, was the result of our recent deer hunting exercise.

The meat was trimmed and boned-out once we got it home.  It was then vacuum bagged and aged in a cold fridge for nearly three weeks.  I have gone into detail on cryovac bagging and aging of game meat in the past, and won’t repeat that here.  It does provide a significant boost to the taste and tenderness and is ideal for folks who do not have the facilities to hang the entire carcass in a cold room for weeks.

As always, this meal was composed mostly of products made with our own efforts.  The stout beer, bbq sauce, butter and flour were store-bought.  However, the bed of fresh kale, tomatoes, pickles, chilli, onion preserve and the bread rolls were harvested, or made in our kitchen, by Kathy and I.

The venison was leg steaks, cut about half an inch thick, and briefly grilled on a really hot pan then rested on a warmed plate for ten minutes.  That delivers a wonderfully tender and tasty steak where the meat is a purple-coloured gel with no residual blood.  It is probably best described as blue rather than rare.

Normally, my lunch is just an apple and few walnuts and almonds, with a slice of dry, toasted grainy bread, sans butter.  It has been a rather hectic week, combined with some welcome and much-needed rain.  With a few major tasks out of the way, and the weather not permitting a hunting excursion, there was no impediment to having a nice lunch and a leisurely afternoon.