In between daily excursions after wild dogs, that have so far been unrewarded, I have begun to review the Diana Outlaw PCP air rifle.  I have fired less than twenty shots so far but am already impressed with this rifle.

With the opportunity for a rabbit hunt, and a brand-new air rifle in hand, what are you going to do?  I fitted the Leupold 3-9 scope and got out a tin of my go-to hunting pellets, the H&N Baracuda Hunter 18.2 grain hollow-point.  These have shot well in a range of other air rifles and, while not being the most accurate, their excellent expansion and terminal ballistics make them my choice for any hunting.

I fired an initial, meandering group as I tweaked the scope dials.  The pellets tracked nicely in response, which is always a promising sign.  The first group at 25 metres was 10mm centre-centre and a smidge left.  I was stoked.  That was as good a group as any I have ever shot, through any air rifle, with this pellet.  I dialled in a couple of clicks to the right and fired the next 5-shot group.

Wow!  That was a 5.5mm group, which in my experience, shooting outdoors on a breezy day, would be hard to beat with any choice of pellet and rifle.  I was eager to keep shooting groups, but it was nearing sunset and I had promised a neighbour I would take care of a garden-raiding rabbit for her.  That mission worked out well also.  As bugs emerged from its lair under a big woodpile, I was ready and waiting.  Even though the sun had set a little time before, the Leupold scope had enough light-gathering to enable a clean shot on the rabbit.

I am looking forward to extensive testing of a range of pellets in the coming weeks.  Ergonomically, I like the compact, light weight of the Diana Outlaw PCP air rifle.  It is very pointy and comfortable to carry and shoot.  I can see it being a very popular air rifle world-wide.