Don Caswell Biography

I am now in a phase of my life where I can devote time to developing my writing ambitions. For more than thirty years I have been a regular freelance contributor to a range of Australian, and some international, outdoor magazines.

My intention is to explore different genres of novel fiction. My goal is to develop a readership that appreciates my style and stories. Above all I seek to write in a simple concise manner while telling stories that are entertaining and have a strong ring of plausibility to them.

Before entering this phase of my life I enjoyed a career with major, multi-national resource companies. That gave me the opportunity to travel and work in various interesting parts of the world. Best of all, I got to work closely with a great many people of different cultures and backgrounds.

At home, gardening, landscaping, bird watching, wildlife photography, camping, hunting and cooking are special interests. Family and friends are, of course, paramount. Happily married with flown adult children, my wife and I enjoy travelling to other countries and meeting local folks.

Wilderness areas in particular are a great attraction. I have spent half a lifetime living and seeking adventure in the remote jungles and bush of Papua New Guinea and Australia’s Arnhem Land.

I have been formally adopted into aboriginal society, attended secret ceremonies, visited sacred sites, explored hidden valleys, and investigated lost aircraft.