Fine Weather Hunt

A prolonged bout of wet and windy weather began to lift yesterday.  My visiting Dutch hunting buddy, Jan, and I made the most of that with an early morning start.  A close-by farmer had shot a few feral pigs a couple of days ago, so we decided to stalk those carcasses and try for some wild dogs.

It is one of my favourite hunting spots, with a large acreage of rolling pasture meeting an enormous tract of virgin rainforest, in the form of an enormous national park.  The park is host to plenty of feral hogs and wild dogs which raid the bordering farms.

The grass was thick, deep and wet with dew.  There was far too much fodder for the few cattle to eat down.  It was hard going, pushing through the thick, damp grass.  Our walk took us over several kilometres, up and down some steep ridges and spurs.

The location is one where I have shot half a dozen wild dogs, and a few boar, over the last twelve months.  We followed our nose to the pig carcasses.  With the grass so deep we came close to stepping on the gooey remains.  After a few days of tropical heat, the dead hogs had become a puddle.  There were no dog tracks in the mud around the carrion, but there were plenty of fresh hog tracks.

After a couple of hours, with the sun rising and the humidity escalating, we trudged back to the car and headed home for a late breakfast.  It was nevertheless great to be out and about once more.


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