I was searching my photo archives for something else when I found this photo of a four-legged emu taken near Windorah about ten years ago.

aussiehunter four legged emu

It was not until I got home from that trip that I belatedly discovered this unusual quadruped bird.  Family and friends were amazed.  I had a lot of fun with it, describing how the four-legged emu could run twice as fast as a normal emu.

It is, of course, just one of those unusual moments caught by the camera.  There are actually two emus, one behind the other, neatly lined up to show only the single bird and four legs.  A fluke photograph.

aussiehunter installing a kookaburra nesting box

Yesterday afternoon I put the new kookaburra nest up in one of the trees below our water tanks.  Hopefully, the kookaburras will use it to raise a family.  They have been looking for a nest site and this should fit the bill nicely.  The paint job is simply to make a rather large box in a tree look as unobtrusive as possible.  It actually does that quite well – from a distance.

Aussiehunter juvenile Laughing Kookaburra

The Laughing Kookaburras are resident and we hear their iconic Australiana call every dawn and dusk.  They also keep down the snake population, which historically endears them to folks who live in the bush.

Kookaburra with snake

Kookaburra with snake