The most popular web page on aussiehunter is the list of hunting rifle calibres and the links off each of those to detailed ballistic data and trajectory.

With the help of Ryan, a web developer and lead generation and LinkedIn consultant from Brisbane, I am upgrading that list of calibres to make it more appealing and easier to access.  For starters, the List of Rifle Calibres page has been remodelled and calibres grouped with drop-down sub lists, rather than the original one long list.

There needs to be some additions to the content too,  and I will be providing ballistic data and trajectories for the various Lazzeroni wildcats, 26 Nosler, 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum and a range of popular European calibres.

All that will take a little time (I’d rather be out hunting than pecking away at a computer, so you will have to bear with me).

Any shooter looking for some detailed ballistic and trajectory data will not a find a more comprehensive offering than that on aussiehunter’s List of Rifle Calibres page.