One of the readers asked me for details of the hunting knives Mike and I use.  I have already detailed my pathway to a custom made hunting knife, but it won’t hurt to expand on my current practice.

My choice of hunting knives covers the spectrum really.  I generally carry three hunting knives; one on my belt and two more in my backpack.  At the moment, and typically, the two knives in my backpack are budget priced knives of good design and quality steel in the shape of Morakniv.


Hunting knives – Filicietti customs and Morakniv factory blades

My principal hunting knife is a custom, hand-forged, damascus blade by Steve Filicietti.  Since being given that knife by Steve back in 2004 I have processed quite a lot of game with it.  That includes buffalo, wild cattle, deer, goats and roos.


Filicietti custom hunting knife with cartridge on a deer

It really only gets exposed to blood on the occasions I use it to bleed an animal.  When skinning, or butchering a well drained carcass, there is normally no blood at all.  I have a second Filicietti hunting blade that has also had a lot of use.  It is a carbon steel blade and of fairly similar design to the damascus blade.

Mike uses mostly a Randall model 25 Trapper blade that he bought back in 2006.  He likes the design and feel of the blade and is more than happy with its performance in the field.  His Randall has likewise seen a fair bit of field use.  Mike also generally carries another knife in his backpack.  That is normally a butcher’s flaying knife, or a Morakniv hunting knife.


Randall Trapper 25 hunting knife