Today I was busy packing the car for a pig hunting trip with my old hunting buddy Shane.  We are contributing to an environmental project by helping to shoot feral pigs in a wetland that is subject to a major conservation effort.  Way back we had some great adventures hunting buffalo in Arnhem Land.

It has been a busy few days, pursuing a number of projects on the home front.  Those are snapshots of life itself, the best description being that life is all about dealing with events that do not go according to plan.

My log pile proved to be damper that I thought and so my big fire fizzled out after burning about half the pile.  As always, with hot weather and rain, the lawn is growing at a ferocious rate and yesterday, in the middle of mowing, the mower conked out.  I have not had time to diagnose that one yet, other than a few precursory checks of the obvious.

Two neighbouring farmers came to see me yesterday.  There has been a wild dog pack working our area and they are concerned for a bunch of new calves they have.  Another neighbouring farm had two pet dogs ripped up badly by the pack and a resulting big vet bill.  I have had a scout about, but have not been able to find a well used access point.  There is no pattern to timing of the dogs’ appearances either.

More in a few days about our wetland pig hunt.