We do not buy much meat from the butchers.  Most of the meat we eat is game meat from our hunting efforts.  Tonight’s dinner for example was roast leg of kangaroo with roast vegetables.

A growing proportion of our herbs, fruit and vegetables are home grown too.  It is a very satisfying lifestyle when a lot of what you consume is produced by your own efforts.  The other great advantage of that is knowing exactly what is, or more pertinently is not, in your food.

My kangaroo hunting is conducted with a 223 Remington rifle, under the state permit system.  You do not have to rely on a centrefire rifle for all your hunting though.

There are many small game animals and birds that are considered pests and as such do not have seasons or permit requirements.  These creatures are widespread and can generally be found close to home too. A powerful and accurate air rifle is a great way of picking up such small game for the table. I recently had an article on hunting small game with an air rifle published in the SSAA magazine.

Aussiehunter peacock taken with air rifle for table

A current source of frustration is not being able to hunt with my Weihrauch HW 97 K.  It shot very well initially and I had some great results hunting with it.  However I am battling a prolonged accuracy problem that prevents me being able to use it with confidence for hunting.  I am up to about 300 shots since new seals were fitted.

Big springer air rifles like the Weihrauch HW 97 K apparently need a significant shooting-in period with new seals.  I am tracking my velocity and accuracy data as I do this but, if anything, the rifle is getting worse not better.  More on that in due course.

I am preparing for my next range session.  I will be swapping scopes on the Savage 11 FCNS rifle and zeroing it in for the sweet 60 grain Nosler Partition 223 Remington loading I have honed in on over the last few weeks.

I am a great fan of Austrian glass and the hunting scope to go on to the Savage will be a Kahles 3-9×40 CT.  I have exactly the same scope on my Ruger No 1 RSI in 7×57.  Apart from the crisp Austrian optics I like the A4 style European reticule.