Great White Hunters

Great White Hunters

The golden age of hunting is gone and with it the Great White Hunters.  Modern hunters can only look back with envy to an era where game abounded and hunting was a socially accepted sport with few restrictions.

The term Great White Hunter is evocative of the Victorian era at the height of the British Empire.  With the various connotations that can be drawn around that era of blatant colonialism, it has to be acknowledged that the term Great White Hunter is not necessary a universally complimentary one.

However, looking past the politics and prejudices, my interest is in the men and the hunting and I limit my interest to that narrow focus.  For my purposes, the Great White Hunters epitomise the more admirable aspects of human character.

That is, bravery, perseverance and a strong sense of duty.  Combine that with the vast abundance of game at the time, and the birth of the modern smokeless calibres, particularly the famous Nitro-Express big game cartridges, and you have all the ingredients for some wonderful stories.  Click on the following links for detailed summaries.

Andersonhunter of Indian man-eaters and rogue elephants
 – famous ivory hunter and marksman
Baron Bror von Blixen-Finecke – African hunter of elephant & buffalo, safari guide
Blunt – African culler of buffalo and elephant
– African buffalo hunter
Corbett – renowned hunter of Indian man-eating tigers & leopards
Foa – collector for the Paris Museum and his epic safari
Foran – Big game hunter of India and Africa
Hunter – highly experienced culler of the Big Five and safari guide to the famous
Lyell – hunter of African elephant and buffalo
Patterson – and the man-eating lions of Tsavo
Percival – African adventurer, game scout and hunter
Selous – well-known African hunter, adventurer and soldier
Wardrop – hunter of Indian big game in the early 1900s
Wolhuter – African ranger who killed an attacking man-eating lion with his knife