The rise of mankind began with the development of tools.  The first tools were sharp rocks, for butchering animals.  While man has since learned to fashion blades from metals, ceramics and other synthetics, it is fascinating that some people still use sharp stones even today.  Modern eye surgeons often use ultra-sharp scalpels made from obsidian, volcanic glass.

A good knife has always been an essential piece of kit for those who enjoy the wilderness. Knives come in a great variety of shapes and styles, and of different materials.  Landmark advances in the development of mankind, such as the bronze and iron ages, represented technological step changes in our ability to work the earth’s raw materials into useful tools.  Bladeware was at the forefront of such applications.

For centuries the balance of military power was held by Middle-eastern nations that held the closely guarded secret of Damascus steel.  That technology was lost for centuries too, only now being re-developed and seen in exquisite custom-made knives.

Knives remain an essential tool for the hunter, fisher and camper.  With the most recent developments in technology the functionality, durability and sheer beauty of knife making continues to develop.

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