Game Meat


Game Meat

Globally, many millions of men, women and children are active hunters.  Some hunt for trophies, some cull pests, and most hunt for meat.

In our sanitised, pre-packaged western world many people have lost touch with the basics of survival, like gardening, fishing and hunting for the meat from birds and animals.

Without getting all mistical about it, there is a satisfaction to harvesting your own food that instills an deep appreciation and sense of respect for the natural world and everything in it.  Unfortunately, detached city folks can never appreciate or understand that and the great, and natural, pleasure of being in the wilderness hunting game.

Aussiehunter field dressing a chital deer

Game meat can be of first rate quality.  There is no great secret about that and there are wealth of guides about how to go about bringing home top quality game meat.

Following are some guides based on our own experiences and pratices.

Field dressing game animals

Processing game meat