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Guided hunts and safari outfits are a worthwhile option for hunters.  They provide access to good country with quality game and expert local knowledge.  That is a combination that assures success and a memorable, enjoyable hunting experience.

I have always been a do-it-yourself sort of outdoorsman, and have been lucky enough to live in remote areas where there was excellent access to self-guided fishing and hunting.

My first paid, guided hunting trip was to Bensbach Lodge, close to the Irian-Jaya border in Papua New Guinea.  That was back in the late 1970′s when a few buddies and I chartered a plane and flew in for a week of barra fishing and deer hunting.  It was a fantastic week and left me with the clear impression that the enjoyment value per dollar was outstanding.

Nevertheless, it was to be 33 years before I took another guided hunt.  In the meantime I explored and established my own access to good hunting and fishing areas.  The last couple of years have been very demanding with a lot of overseas work travel, for extended periods, and a major relocation of home as well. So it was that I broke the drought and booked a hunt with Maryvale Safaris.

While I will be making the effort, involving some long-haul driving, to regularly return to my old stamping grounds, I will also be taking more guided hunts in future.  I see them as excellent value in securing a great hunting experience.

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