Hunting Wild Pigs

Wild Pig Hunting in Australia

Feral pigs are widespread in northern Australia and they do an enormous amount of damage to the wetlands and other areas. I have seen for myself how in some areas they work over the beaches seeking and destroying large numbers of marine turtle nests and occasionally killing the breeding turtles as well.

In the less remote parts of the country, they are a significant agricultural pest. Feral pigs pose a major risk of providing an effective vector for exotic diseases such as rabies or foot and mouth. In some areas, they are a major predator of newborn lambs, but in most areas, they are a pest to crops, particularly grain.

Pigs are omnivorous and are readily attracted to carrion. I might add that they are cannibals too and are quite happy to chow down on their brethren when the opportunity presents itself.

I enjoy hunting feral pigs, particularly when it is at reasonably close range and big calibres are employed, but hey, that is just my recipe.

Pigs are widely hunted all over Australia with all sorts of calibres and techniques. Some of my cronies prefer distance work with high-velocity long-range Magnums. Some prefer shotguns for shorter range work.

For those who like really close encounters of the hoggy kind, there is bow hunting. Whatever your preferred method of taking feral pigs, you are doing Australia a service, so get out there and pop a few hogs.

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