Your hearing is worth protecting.  So much of what we enjoy in our day to day lives depends on good hearing; conversation, music and the general noise of life around us.  These days shooters at the rifle range all wear hearing protection, as they should.  However, in the field there less wearing of hearing protection.

One argument for not wearing hearing protection in the field is the need to hear what is going on around us.  However, with Impact Sport Electronic Shooting Sports Folding Earmuffs you can have the best of both worlds.  Not only do these muffs provide protection from the high decibel sounds of firearms, but they also amplify low volume, discreet sounds.  This makes having a conversation at the range benches much easier, with the muffs on, while firing is in progress.  In an industrial environment, it means that conversation, warning sounds and approaching machinery can be distinctly heard while high volume background noises are filtered down.

When the sensitivity of the ear muff’s microphones is dialed up, even faint sounds are amplified and can be heard clearly.  I have pretty good hearing but was still amazed at the previously unheard sounds around me in the bush when I put the muffs on.  I could hear a lot more birds and even insects scratching about in the leaves.  The crashing and thrashing in the bush behind me, that sounded like a charging elephant, turned out to be just a hungry echidna.  It took a while to get used to the sheer cacophony of sound I was suddenly hearing.  I was obliged to turn the sensitivity back to a lower level, which still significantly amplified surrounding minor sounds.

Even better, these electronic muffs come with directional microphones, one on each ear piece, which not only amplify the sounds but provides a clear sense of the noise direction as well.  Sound volume in the ear muffs is limited to (a comfortable) 82 dB.  The left side earpiece also features a standard audio input jack for those who might want to listen to some music or the radio.  The earmuffs fold up into a reasonably compact package and are also close fitting to the head, having low profile cups on the ear pieces.  The headband is of vinyl covered steel.  The ear cushions are of PVC and polyurethane.  With batteries fitted the muffs weigh 286 grams.  Power is provided by two AAA 1.5V batteries.  Alkaline batteries will provide up to 350 hours of usage.  As the batteries fade with use some distortion of sound may become apparent.

The Impact Sport Electronic Shooting Sports Folding Earmuffs are from the Howard Leight range of Honeywell Safety Products.  The Australian distributor is Tasco Sales Australia.  The Impact Sport Electronic Shooting Sports Folding Earmuffs can be purchased from gun shops and tool & safety equipment outlets or you can purchase a pair today by clicking the link below.