Inland Hunting Properties

The first, and biggest, challenge confronting any hunter is finding land to hunt on.  The days of easy access, talking your way onto a property to hunt feral pests, are pretty much a thing of the past.  It is a major frustration for most newcomers to the sport and especially hard for city-based folks.  Finding inland hunting properties can be a big challenge.

A neat solution to that problem comes in the form of Inland Hunting Properties, a company set up to bridge that chasm between would-be hunters and property owners.  Not only does it provide recreational access for camping, hunting and fishing, but it also helps landowners convert a pest problem into an asset.

The Inland Hunting Properties website is comprehensive and features a lot of useful information on hunting, plus an online shop.  I am happy to say that some of my writings are now being featured on their website, and in printed publications.

For city-based hunters, access to good hunting and fishing country does not get much easier than browsing the Inland Hunting Properties growing list of available properties and selecting the one that meets your needs.  Book your next hunting holiday trip through Inland Hunting Properties, connecting Australian Property Owners with Ethical Hunters.