I had planned to sight in my new Leupold 3-9×50 CDS scope last Wednesday.  However, on the Tuesday night, when I attempted to swap scopes, I discovered that my mounts were about 1mm too low.  The 50mm objective of the Leupold just touched the barrel.

I spent an hour trying to swap scope mounts around off other rifles, but to no avail.  Luckily the nearby little country town now has two gun shops, so the following day I went shopping.  While I could not get the Warne mounts or rings that I would have preferred I was able to get a set of other rings that solved the problem.

aussiehunter Leupold 3-9x50 CDS on Savage 11 FCNS

The other thing I found when I removed the existing scope in its rings from the rifle was that the rear scope mount was loose.  The rifle has been shooting okay, a consistent MOA or better.  However, a loose rear mount cannot have been helping in that department and so I am hoping I might get a tightening of the group now that is resolved.

aussiehunter Leupold CDS 223 Rem 60 grain Nosler

At the range I will sight the rifle for a 200 metre zero.  That will have it shooting a smidge over 50mm at the 100 metre target.  The custom Leupold turret is graduated out to 500 metres.  At ranges out past 250 metres, and particularly so as the range extends, bullet drop becomes pronounced.  Under those conditions, in order for an accurate shot to be placed with confidence, the range must be known precisely.

aussiehunter 200m zero 223 Rem 60 grain Nosler

So, for any long distance targets a rangefinder is essential.  I am presently trialling the Leupold RX-1200i TBR rangefinder.

aussiehunter 500m zero 223 Rem 60 grain Nosler