It was another hectic week where we managed to complete the move into the new house then clean up the old place.  There were a few tradesmen coming and going as well, doing minor finishing-off jobs.

We also hosted a few social events, starting off as we mean to continue in our new home.  In addition to that, the dry weather continues and I am having to spend a couple of hours each night watering our newly turfed lawn.  These varied activities have not left me much time for blogging.

However, while preparing for the family Christmas Season dinner last night it occurred to me I should take a few photos and document my dish in the recipe section of the web site.  I was making pepper steak using kangaroo.  Very nicely it turned out too.

Today I added two new species to my list of birds spotted, taking the total to 104 species so far.  The new additions were the Yellow Honeyeater and the Red-kneed Dotterel.

Yesterday I called my old dogging buddy, Ron.  A few months back I had made tentative plans to spend a couple of weeks with him out deep in the western Queensland bush, chasing wild dogs.  What with the delay in moving into the new house I had to take a rain check on that.

He had a successful trip, even though the weather was extremely harsh.  The days reached 45oC (113oF) with high, gusting winds, laced with dust, debris and smoke from widespread and raging bushfires.  The nights were not much cooler either, and Ron said it was difficult to get much sleep due to the heat.

The animals were finding it pretty tough as well.  The dogs did not seem to be hunting at all and had changed their routine, visiting the few water holes during daylight and lingering there.  The water holes also had plenty of wild pigs and native wildlife hanging about as well.

Ron stalked these water holes, and the well-defined paths leading to them, and managed to shoot 10 wild dogs in a week.  He took the scalps for the bounty paid by a consortium of the shire council and graziers, as he is now dedicating himself to full-time dogging.  I look forward to getting out bush with him soon, hopefully in slightly cooler weather.