This morning I was pleased to unpack my new pair of Muck Woody Sport Cool Boots, to replace my old pair which I posted about over 3 years ago.  I also did a review of these boots for the SSAA magazine.

These boots are nominally designed for slushy cold weather, but with their XpressCoolTM feature they have a temperature comfort range of 4 to 35C. I find them comfortable enough to wear on hunts where I expect to walk 3 kilometres, or more.  For a full day afield, in rough country, I naturally wear my hiking boots.  However, most of my hunting is done on nearby farms where I am out early for a couple of hours and most times I wear the Muck Woodies.

Plodding through thick, wet tropical grass, with the inherent risk of encountering a dangerous snake, the Muck Woody boots are my first choice.  They are also my choice for gardening work at home, where there is no less risk from dangerous snakes.  The Muck Woodies are easy to pull on, and off, and provide secure comfort.  My old pair have done a lot of miles up and down steep slopes and through wet pastures.  I would expect a much longer life if the wearer did less hiking in them.

They are my most used footwear and I could not be happier with them.