Night Hunting Thermal Scope Success

My far away, old grazier mate has been texting daily details of his success on wild dogs and pigs with his new thermal night scope.  This morning I called his mobile and was surprised when his wife answered.  I was even more surprised when she said he was in bed asleep!  He is an early riser, like me, and normally has a few hours work done before he has breakfast at about 8AM.

“Is he sick?” I asked with some concern.

“No,” she replied emphatically, “it’s that bloody new rifle scope.  He was up until 3AM again, shooting pigs and dogs.  He’s addicted to it.  We’re supposed to be on our way to a bull sale.  I’ll let him have a bit more shut-eye before I rouse him out of bed and we get on the road.  I reckon I’ll take the battery out of that scope and hide it for a week, once we get back.”

I had to laugh at that.  Of course, my friend’s success with that scope has got me thinking about thermal scopes as well, and a suitable rifle to mount one on.

The last few days I am house-bound with set-in monsoonal rain.  Only 500 metres away I have a dead cow with 4 trail cameras mounted around it, but it is just too soggy and wet to consider making the perilous descent down the steep slippery spur to pay her a visit.  Also, the creek is running pretty hard, so I cannot yet approach from downstream either.  I suspect that the heavy rain may even have washed my dead cow away.  The weather bureau is predicting no let up from the rain for some days yet, so my curiosity is not going to be satisfied just yet.

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