No News is Good News

My apologies to readers who may be wondering where I have gotten to.  I have not posted much so far in 2018. I have had a number of messages from regular readers asking if I was still on the planet.  The second half of the year will feature a return to more regular posts on shooting and hunting topics various.

There are a number of rifle reviews coming up.  I am also reviewing a range of other gear, from chronographs, shooting sticks, GPS, lighting.  There will also be a lot of ballistics testing of both centrefire and air rifle.

My excuse for the lack of aussiehunter posts is because of a particularly busy year.  We were overseas until into January and came home to a continuous run of visitors. In total, there would only be a cumulative week or so of that period when we have not had multiple house guests.

We even went away interstate for a couple of weeks and left our visitors to look after themselves and the house.  There have been a series of big, family social events, culminating this week with the wedding of our daughter.  It has been a crazy-busy time.

Mixed in with all that, I have been working on a variety of major projects unrelated to aussiehunter.  More on those later in the year.  When I have had time to get out hunting, weather and other circumstances have often intervened to prevent me getting out with the rifle.

I did manage a couple of dogs with the help of my visiting hunting buddy Jan, but our repeated attempts to get out deer hunting were frustrated at every turn.  Worse still, we have just about run out of venison.  My first mission on getting back to a normal routine in June is to go stock-up on venison.  I will also be field testing to slick Sauer 101 Classic XT in 243 Win on that trip, so there is a lot to look forward to.