Today, I spent the morning at Ravenshoe SSAA rifle range.  My goal was to test a series of loads for the 100 grain Nosler Partition in my 257 Weatherby Magnum.  It was a clear and sunny day, pleasantly cool, and with a strong gusting wind.

The slim barrel of my Vanguard rifle heated rapidly after only a few shots.  I was obliged to give the rifle plenty of time to cool down.  It was a good chance to chat to a few of the range regulars, so the morning passed pleasantly.

When I got home, I assessed my various targets, as per the following graphs.  From these results, my next set of testwork will be based on a 72.5 grain load of RL25, with varying seating depths for the 100 grain Nosler Partition.  All being well I will find a seating depth that gives consistent sub MOA accuracy with an MV of about 3,350 fps.  That would be a ferociously good hunting load.

In the meantime, I am completely happy with my current 257 Weatherby Magnum load, which is the 110 grain Nosler Accubond.  With an MV of about3,300 fps it is a reliable sub-MOA performer that gives me more confidence every time I hunt with it.  At the range today I took a couple of shots at small steel disc, hanging 230 metres away and was pleased to ding it squarely with my 110 grain Accubond load.

Chasing Wild Dogs

Late this afternoon I drove to a nearby farm that has had a spate of wild dog attacks on stock in the last few days.  I set out my fluffy decoy lure in a big, open field and positioned myself about 100 metres away.  Sunset came and then night fell.  When it was too dark to take a shot, even with my twilight specialist scope, the Swarovski z6i 2.5-15x56 P, I returned home.

The night before last I had done the same thing.  About half an hour after sunset, just as I was packing it in, I did see a dog loping along in the distance.  As happened once before in this spot, I used my predator distress call, which only hastened the dog on its way.  Normally, that calls works a treat and brings the wild dogs in.  This dog seems to be educated about the caller, so I will refrain from using it there anymore.

This is another big, black male wild dog, and I reckon he is going to be a real challenge to eliminate.  I can see many more sunset, and dawn, stake-outs ahead.


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