It is a long time since I owned a 243 Win.  There is no good reason for that.  The 243 Win is a fine medium game and varmint calibre, especially when loaded with Nosler projectiles.

I have just begun a review of the Bergara BA13 Take Down single shot rifle in 243 Winchester, and will be testing it with factory and hand-loaded ammunition.  That review will be published in the SSAA magazine in due course.

I am addicted to the concept and usage of single shot rifles.  In recent years though, given my pursuit of wild dogs, I have been obliged to use bolt actions for that application and I sold off a number of my single shot rifles.  As much as I liked those single shot rifles, Ruger No 1 and no 3 and Browning 1885, I am not a collector and I do not keep rifles I am not hunting with.

I am greatly looking forward to developing some accurate and hard-hitting loads for the BA13, based on a trio of Nosler’s best projectiles.  As soon as I have a load that I am happy with I will be looking to test the rifle and loading on a Chital deer hunt, and some boar stalking as well.

I will be using Nosler’s 90 grain Accubond, 85 grain Partition and 90 grain Ballistic Tip Hunting projectiles.  The propellant will be AR2213SC (H4831SC in the USA) and, for a number of reasons, I am using Federal’s Premium Match Magnum primers.  For starters, I do not have any large rifle primers and did not want to buy a bunch of those that may not get used.  The magnum primers burn a little hotter and more emphatically, which is required for getting the best out of these 85-90 grainers in a short (20”) barrel, using the slow burning powder.  Naturally, I will start at recommended starter charges ad work up carefully, looking for any signs of pressure.

I have loaded a batch of 90 grain BTs for the range on Wednesday.  In any calibre, I always start with Nosler BTs.  They are my benchmark projectile.  Once I see how they go, I will be loading the Accubonds and Partitions.  I have determined the seating depth in the Bergara BA13 and will be starting with the 90 grain BTs seated at 10 thou clear of lands.