Nosler Partition 243 Winchester Hunting Loads for Bergara BA13

Thirty millimetres of rain, followed by two days of cloudless summer weather equals … mowing!  I spent a few hours on the mower today, keeping on top of a lawn invigorated by a long-awaited dose of rain, but that was after some more gathering, and before some reloading.

Nosler Partition Reloads in 243 Winchester

After the mowing I spent some time decapping, sizing and cleaning a batch of 243 Winchester brass.  I have twenty 85 grain Nosler Partitions left after all the range testing and I have loaded those in anticipation of hunting trials with the Bergara BA13 rifle I am reviewing.

These 85 grain Nosler Partition loads are as detailed in my last blog, with the small exception that the 85 grain Nolser Partitions are seated 140 thou off the lands.  Given that the test rounds seated at 130 and 160 thou off produced groups of 0.6 to 0.7 MOA, it makes sense to split the difference there.

I will do another early morning hunt, hoping to account for that wild dog in the following video, or maybe the pied boar, if it is running a bit late.  For that I will be using my tried and true Vanguard 257 Weatherby Magnum loaded with 110 grain Nosler Accubonds.

I have one last sighting confirmation to do and, once I am happy with the Bergara BA13 and its new loading, I will take it along on a stake-out, but it is just a bit early for that.

Mulberry Jam

The mulberry trees are still fruiting prolifically.  This morning Kathy and I harvested two and half kilograms (nearly 6 pounds) of mulberries.  While I was mowing Kathy was busy prepping and then cooking a big pot of jam.

Even after we give bottles to various friends and family, we should have enough jam to take us through to the next mulberry season.  Mostly, we put a little dribble of mulberry jam on our breakfast cereal.  Dark coloured berries, like mulberries, have a lot of anti-oxidants and other healthy, natural chemicals in them.  And, besides, mulberry jam tastes great.

Kathy makes the jam chunky style.  That is, the mulberries are not over processed and broken down, instead remaining mostly as whole fruit in the dark, sweet preserve.  I like it spread on toast with a big cup of strong, black coffee as well.

Trail Camera Action

The trail camera continues to collect plenty of evidence of feral animal activity around the carrion.  A large black wild dog is a regular visitor seen here, in this short video clip, sniffing about just on first light.  Likewise, the pied boar has been making regular nightly visits too.