This morning dawned with a solid fog – the harbinger of a calm, sunny day.  And so it was.  It was a good day to be shooting groups at the range.  My previous range session, last week, had been one of wild weather.  I was keen to finalise the sighting-in of my adopted standard load in the Weatherby Vanguard HSP in 223 Rem.

I was shooting Nosler 55 grainers in both Ballistic Tips and Silvertips, over 24.5 grains of BM2 (Benchmark in the USA).  The first shot after a thorough barrel cleaning, the “fouler” shot, was a smidge low and right compared to the group that followed.  I shot a mixed group of both projectiles and was happy with the result.

I tweaked the sighting, one click left (0.36 inch) and one click down (0.36 inch), which should be just about the perfect sighting for this load.  Tomorrow morning I will be up early and out for a wild dog stake-out before first light breaks.

At the range this morning, I shot a series of groups through the Sauer 101 XT in 243 Winchester, seeking the best OCL for the 85 grain Nosler Partition loading in that calibre.  The results of that looked promising and I should be able to finalise my load at the next range session.

Today, I also began my testing of the Voere K15A featherweight rifle in 22LR.  The initial results were okay, but I will be lightening the trigger pull and fitting a different scope for the next session.

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Another Dead Cow

Yesterday afternoon, I visited the dead cow on my neighbour’s farm.  She had been in prime condition, and it was a shame to put her down.  However, her calving had gone terribly wrong, and that had quickly led to septicemia.  The owner had done his best, before coming...

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Stalking and Stake-outs

Over the last week, I have been out for a series of early morning wild dog hunts.  There has been no luck with that, so far.  The mornings have been misty and cool, with beautiful sunrises.  I have judiciously called, in good locations, but have not had any responses...

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Primos Jim Shockey Gen3 Trigger Stick

Primos Jim Shockey Gen3 Trigger Stick This morning was a good opportunity to begin field testing the Primos Jim Shockey Gen3 Trigger Stick kindly provided by Nioa for product review.  First impressions were most favourable.  It is the most convenient, fast-adjusting,...

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Laying a Scent Trail to Lure Predators

Laying a Scent Trail to Lure Predators This morning I placed the guts and heads from half a dozen dressed rabbits into an old hessian potato sack, then dragged that smelly lure for a kilometre or two around a close by farm.  I hunt there for wild dogs regularly but...

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Wild Dog Hunt Double Success

Wild Dog Hunt Double Success Yesterday morning a pair of wild dogs attacked birthing cattle on a farm not too far from my place.  I had been there once previously for a look about with hunting buddy Peter.  I was pretty busy with other locations, so I left it to Peter...

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Fine Weather Hunt

Fine Weather Hunt A prolonged bout of wet and windy weather began to lift yesterday.  My visiting Dutch hunting buddy, Jan, and I made the most of that with an early morning start.  A close-by farmer had shot a few feral pigs a couple of days ago, so we decided to...

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Wild Boar Bonus

Wild Boar Bonus Since getting back from my southern trip I have been chasing wild dogs once more.  On returning home, a number of farmers have contacted me about wild dog activity on their farms, and concern for their calves. My Dutch friend, and sometimes hunting...

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Weatherby Vanguard HSP Varmint Rifle Accuracy

Weatherby Vanguard HSP Varmint Rifle Accuracy Today I put in a big range session, testing a variety of handloads in the Weatherby Vanguard HSP Varmint rifle in 223 Rem.  Once again, I was highly impressed with this rifle’s inherent accuracy.  It is the most accurate...

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Cartridge Case Head Separation

Cartridge Case Head Separation Cartridge Case Head Separation This is a problem that can arise with multiple reloadings.  I have been watching out for it with my 223 Rem cases.  I figured the normally robust little cases would develop this sooner or later because I...

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