Predator Stand Hunting

Yesterday we got home from several weeks visiting family in the city.  As nice as it is to catch up with family, it is great to be home in our serene rural retreat.

This morning I waited until the day had developed a bit before heading off for a quick hunt and to retrieve a trail camera.  The weather is producing the misty drizzle this area is famous for, mixed in with some heavier showers.

With only misty drizzle to contend with I set off to a close-by farm where I have had good success in recent times.  On my last hunt there before departing for the city, I shot another dog and got my first dose of Weatherby Eyebrow as well.

In the weeks I was away there had been almost constant misty drizzle and some heavier rain as well.  The grass in the paddocks was distinctly thicker, taller and greener.  If this weather continues, and leads into an early wet season, my hunting will be severely curtailed.  That is not because of the wet conditions but because the grass will be too deep and thick to see the game I hunt.

At my location I kitted-up and made my way along the edge of the creek floodplain, hoping to find some hogs or maybe even a wild dog.  I did not see any fresh sign of hog activity so, when I reached the place where the spur met the creek, I detoured up the spur aways to my hunting stand.



glassing for game from a predator hunting stand

Predator Stand Hunting

My predator stand hunting is done from a slight depression in the pasture on the face of the spur, a little below the crest.  I placed a small piece of canvas on the wet ground and sat on that.  Double-checking my scope, I ensured that the Swarovski z6i 2.5-15x56 scope was set to minimum power, the ballistic turret was set to zero and the illuminated centre dot switched on.

I extended the legs of the Champion bipod and then rehearsed taking a shot at different directions from my hunting stand.  Confident that, for most scenarios, I could slide the rifle to my shoulder and with little or no movement of my body, be able to take a shot at any wild dogs that showed up.  Then I chambered a round and clicked the safety on.

I gave a raucous screeching call on my Primos Third Degree caller then sat still and waited, turning my head slowly to constantly sweep a 270o area in front of me.  Occasionally, I raised my Swarovski 10x25 CL pocket binoculars to check out the edge of the dense jungle in front of me.  After 5 or 10 minutes I repeated that.

After 45 minutes at my predator hunting stand no wild dogs or boar had come to the call.  The misty drizzle was starting to evolve into a pattering of heavier rain, so I packed up and went on down to the edge of the creek to retrieve my trail camera.

Back home, over a cup of coffee, I reviewed the 5,000 photos that had accumulated over the last three weeks.  Some cattle had bumped the camera and it spent the last couple of weeks taking photos of the waving grass in front of it.  Nevertheless, it had collected a heap of feral hog activity and few passing wild dogs as well.  I will continue with my stand hunting in that area confident that there is plenty of game close-by.


misty drizzle in the wet tropics of FNQ
feral pigs photographed by trail camera

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