The first task on getting home today, after a 03:30 start, was to load some ammo for a range session tomorrow.  The mowing can wait.  Another day, or so, won’t hurt.  I have a lot of test loads to begin trying out on the Weatherby HSP varminter in 223 Rem and the Sauer XT 101 Classic in 243 Win.

I will be using ADI propellants and Nosler projectiles because I have yet to find any combination of propellant and projectile that will outshoot those and give me the superior hunting terminal ballistics I require.  My reference is the ADI Reloaders’ Guide, 10th edition.

As always, I will be starting with the projectiles seated close to SAAMI spec length and test varying propellant charges from the recommended minimum, up towards the listed maximum.  If any pressure signs appear, I will cease and disassemble those along with any heavier loadings.

In the 223 Rem I am loading the 55 grain Nosler Ballistic Silvertip and the 55 grain Nosler Shots flat-based soft-point.  In the 243 Win I will be loading the 90 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting and 90 grain Nosler Accubond projectiles.

Once I find the charge that gave the best group, I will then hold that charge and vary the seating depth to look for the best group in that series.  Having found the optimum charge and OCL, I will tweak the rifle sighting to give me the POI required, and load up a batch for hunting trials.

The wild dogs have been busy in my absence, and I have had a couple of phone calls from farmers while I was away.  I will be getting out and about, trying to make contact and placing trail cameras here and there.