Reloading the Weatherby Vanguard HSP 223 Rem Varmint Rifle

Today, despite dark-looking weather, I made a trip to my local SSAA rifle range and resumed my testing of a range of loads in 223 Rem.  As part of my review, I have been reloading the Weatherby Vanguard HSP 223 Rem Varmint rifle.  In recent weeks, rain has prevented me continuing with my testing, but luckily today the rain held off and I enjoyed a good session.

From my previous range sessions, I had established the optimum powder charge for both the 55 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip and the 60 grain Nosler Partition.  I am using AR2208 (Varget in the USA).  At today’s session, I was testing the effect of seating depth at those optimum charge weights.


Sub-MOA Accuracy from Vanguard HSP 223 Rem Varmint Rifle

The results were, once again, very encouraging with sub-MOA performance the order of the day.  The best three-shot group of the day was a stunning 0.1 MOA result.  At my next range session, I will test some slight variations about what look to be the optimal seating depths from today’s testing.  I will also begin testing a range of factory ammunition as well.

The Weatherby Vanguard HSP Varmint rifle is shooting excellently for an off-the-shelf rifle.  The barrel and trigger are big contributors to accuracy but, from my experience, it is the rigid composite structure and full aluminium bedding block of the HS Precision stock that provides the extra finesse.

To be fair, I am not a great benchrest shot and I believe a better shooter would have got even tighter groups.  Many of my groups had two shots touching with the third “flier” a little separate.  I suspect that I am the cause of those.

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