Like many other nations, Australia pays respect to its fallen service men and women on the 11th of November.  That date came from the ending of the massive carnage of WWI but now includes all conflicts since then.

The ceremony was held at the beautiful Afghanistan Avenue of Honour that was only recently constructed to pay tribute to the current generation of servicemen and women who have paid the ultimate price for their duty while serving in the conflicts of the Middle East.

It was a fabulous summer’s day here in Yungaburra, cloudless and brilliantly sunny, hot but with a pleasant relieving breeze.  There was a good crowd for small community, with representatives of the three armed services, police and emergency services, school children, veterans, church and local government.

Catafalque party at Yungaburra Remembrance Day 2016

Everything went off well.  The speeches, prayers, odes, poems and songs were well delivered before wreaths were laid.

We dwelt there a little while to place poppies on the plaques of a couple of young men known to us.  Lest we forget.