Today I visited the Ravenshoe SSAA rifle range and began to test a couple of review rifles.  I also ran a few rounds through my hunting rifles, just to check the sighting.  I like to do that regularly.

I was not expecting much from the brand new barrel of the Savage B-series FVSS, the stainless steel 21-inch barrel varmint rifle in 22WMR.  I shot it in as I would a centrefire rifle.  That is, shoot one round then clean, progressing through to shoot 3 & clean, up to 10 & clean by the time I finished.

Savage B-series FVSS 22WMR stainless steel varmint rifle

Also, I am waiting on an appropriate scope for this rimfire.  The scope I had on today is intended for centrefire rifles and has a significant parallax error at 50 metres.  Today was more about just shooting the barrel in.  I ran eight different sorts of ammo through it and measured the size of each 5 shot group.

It was a clear but gusty day at the range, not ideal for rimfire shooting.  I tested ammo with projectile weights in the 30 to 50 grain range.  More than half of the ammo tested delivered groups in the 1.4 to 1.7 MOA size range.  The rest were between 2 and 3 MOA.  With a more appropriate scope, on a calm day with a shot-in barrel, I would expect this rifle to deliver sub MOA.  We shall see.

I also started to test the Bergara BA13 Take-down rifle in 243 Win.  I did not fire many rounds as I lacked nylon brushes for that calibre.  My assumption that I would be able to borrow one at the range proved false.  I was limited to double patches on my .22 jag but was not happy with the result achieved.  Once I have brushes and jags to suit the 243 I will resume the barrel shooting in process.

My 257 Weatherby Magnum delivered a 3 shot group of 0.6MOA that was right on where I wanted to see it, so I was more than happy with that.  When I got home I loaded another twenty rounds of the 110 grain Nosler Accubond in preparation of going on two separate hunts tomorrow.

I ran a few rounds through my 223 Rem and was similarly pleased to see the 60 grain Nosler Partitions grouping sub-MOA and right on target.