A fabulous, cloudless summer day, with no breeze, presented the perfect conditions for some target shooting.  I put up a stack of targets at 50 metres and began to shoot multiple 5 shot groups with the various different types of ammo I had on hand.

The Ruger American Compact is shamelessly a hunting and plinking rifle.  However, it is always a good test of any 22LR rifle to run some target ammo through them.  Unsurprisingly, it was these well known, quality target rounds that shot the best groups.

But, as I have seen with other rifles, CCI Velocitor often comes in close behind the target ammo in terms of accuracy.   In addition to nearly matching the accuracy of target ammo, the Velocitor ammo has the great advantage of much higher velocity (about 350 fps!) and a hollow point projectile.  This makes it an outstanding choice for hunting small game and pest control.  Obviously, it is no slouch in the plinking department either.

I have to say that the compact and fast handling Ruger American combined with CCI Velocitor ammunition is a terrific combination for hunting and plinking.