35 Whelen

35 Whelen Ballistics

35 Whelen Trajectory

Origin of the 35 Whelen

The 35 Whelen was released as a factory cartridge in the late 1960s after initial develop as a wildcat cartridge back in the 1920s.  The cartridge is named after its developer, famous hunter and outdoorsman, Colonel Townsend Whelen.

The 35 Whelen is based on a necked-up 30-06 case.

Hunting & Shooting with the 35 Whelen

The 35 Whelen was developed to provide a more emphatic cartridge for large North American game such as bear, moose and elk, without the need to seek a magnum actioned rifle.  Being based on the 30-06 case, the 35 Whelen can be used in conventional length bolt action rifles.


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