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Origin of the 22 Hornet

The 22 Hornet was released by Winchester as a factory cartridge in 1930 and was really the first of the modern, smokeless powder, high-velocity small bores.

The 22 Hornet is based on the older, black powder, 22 WCF dating back to the late 1800s.

Hunting & Shooting with the 22 Hornet

story by Don Caswell

The 22 Hornet was developed as a small to medium game cartridge with the added attraction of being ideal for the (then) newly developing sport of varminting.

The advent of much higher velocity small bores greatly reduced the popularity of the 22 Hornet, although it still remains well represented on the hunting grounds world-wide.

The 22 Hornet is one of those cartridges with the well-founded reputation for being an outstandingly efficient killer, often out all proportion to its underlying ballistic specifications.  That is of course not intended as an endorsement use it outside its comfort zone of varmints, and small to medium game.


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