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Aussiehunter 222 Rem Trajectory

Origin of the 222 Remington

The 222 Remington was introduced in 1950.  Unlike many other calibers which began life as wildcats based on other cartridges, the 222 Remington was a complete factory design, with its own specific cartridge case.

The 222 Remington proved to enormously popular and rapidly became the darling of the benchrest shooters, and remained so for many years, setting new standards for accuracy in that sport, and in the field.

Hunting & Varminting with the 222 Remington

The advent of the 222 Remington, and a selection of good factory rifles chambered for it, was a boon to varmint shooters and small game hunters.

In the hands of practiced hunters the 222 Remington also proved itself on bigger game.  For example, in New Zealand, government cullers adopted it widely and many Red Deer fell to this cartridge over the years.

The 222 Remington remains a fine 200 yard hunting and varminting round, even if overshadowed in recent decades by its bigger brother the 223 Remington.


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