Guinness Game Stew Recipe

Guinness Game Stew Recipe

This is an old family favourite that has come down through the ages from my Irish ancestors.  I remember my old grandad relished his Guinness stew.  A decade or two ago I discovered it is even better when game meat is substituted for the original beef.

This meal is a great and much anticipated winter treat, typically made after a hunting trip and utilising the lesser cuts of meat.


Cubed venison (per 1kg – 2.2 pounds)

2 teaspoons vegetable oil

4 cloves of garlic – diced

2 brown onions – diced

2 tablespoons brown sugar

4 carrots – diced into big chunks

6 bay leaves – fresh or dried

90 grams (3 ounces) plain flour

3 cups of water

4 beef stock cubes

200 grams (half pound) of pitted prunes

3 bottles of Guinness, or similar dark stout beer


Assemble all ingredients

Open first bottle of Guinness and pour the Cook a pint – take a good swig

Pre-heat oven to 180oC (360oF)

Heat oil in pan

Brown the meat and then remove to casserole dish

Add onion and garlic to pan and cook until soft

Add brown sugar, stirring until caramelised and well mixed

Pour mixture over meat in casserole dish

Add carrot and bay leaves to casserole dish

Open second bottle of Guinness – top up the Cook’s pint glass

Dissolve flour and stock cubes in water, whisk well

Pour stock liquid into pan and add remainder of Guinness to mixture

Heat and stir until the liquid bubbles and thickens

Pour the hot liquid over the casserole dish contents

Cover casserole dish and place in oven for one hour

Open third bottle of Guinness and pour the Cook another pint

Remove casserole dish from oven after one hour & add prunes

Return casserole dish to oven for another 20 to 30 minutes

Serve with big chunks of hot, crusty buttered bread and a pint of Guinness

Even better – let the stew cool, then refrigerate for two days before reheating (as nice as a freshly cooked Guinness stew is, two days refrigeration really brings out the flavour)