Kangaroo Tail Stew

Crockpot, slow cooker recipes – Kangaroo Tail Stew

As an Aussie I feel morally bound to make the first recipe on this site the one for kangaroo tail stew. In reality, it does not feature much on the menu these days, but still carries significant national historical status.

In fact I have only recently even cooked ‘roo tail stew, despite decades of hunting. I have always tended to fry, grill, bbq, roast and casserole my roo meat.

Roo tail stew is a hearty winter time meal, very tasty and satisfying, best served with chunks of heavily buttered crusty bread and a good red wine.

There are many ways to make a roo tail stew and certainly no particular right or wrong way.  Following is how I have cooked my version of this iconic Aussie dish, and was more than satisfied with the results.


2 medium roo tail butts
2 large onions
5 medium carrots
4 cloves of garlic
1 small bunch freshly picked parsley
4 sprigs of freshly picked rosemary
3 stalks of celery
one or 2 litres (quarts) water
dash of salt
good sprinkle of freshly ground peppercorns
dash of Worcestershire sauce
dribble of truffle oil
dessert spoon of honey mustard
2 small cubes of beef stock


add water and all condiments to crockpot

chop all veggies into coarse chunks

add chopped veggies and bundle of herbs to crockpot

brown the roo tail pieces while slow-cooker is gathering heat

add browned meat to crockpot

check occasionally and stir during day

when meat readily parts from bone remove the roo tails and pull off all meat and soft tissue, returning to crockpot. Remove bones. Remove herb bundle. Stir mixture.

Serve it up!