During the recent wet weather, I have been using house time to research a few potential projects and new products.  I have always been drawn to single-shot rifles.  Even though I always strive to make the first shot count, regardless of whatever type of rifle I am using, I do like the locked-in commitment of a single-shot rifle.

A few years ago, as I got into more and more wild dog hunting, I sold off my Ruger No 1 RSI in 5×57 and my Browning 1885 in 223 Rem.  When calling in wild dogs you have to be prepared to deal with more than one dog at times.  Any dog that comes in to a call and/or decoy, and lives to tell the tale, will be much harder to hunt in the future and will also train its pups on the hazards it has learnt.

Ruger No 1 RSI in 7x57

I am not a gun collector and every rifle in the gun safe has a job and gets used.  So, as much as I loved my single-shots, I just had to move on to bolt action rifles.  Nevertheless, the nagging desire for dainty little single-shot rifles has remained.  It seems to be a mild infatuation, really.  I reckon I have just about convinced myself that I could justify one for my deer hunting.

The 243 Winchester is a calibre that I have not used in many years.  It has a great reputation on smaller bodied deer and I am thinking a single-shot in that calibre would be nearly perfect.  I have always liked the idea of the take-down single-shot rifle as well.  A number of European makers, particularly in Germany, make magnificent little stalking single-shots.  Unfortunately, the price is magnificent as well.

Nevertheless, in my scratching about I found what might be a reasonable alternative.  Anyway, that is all a project still in the conceptual phase.  More on that if it starts to gain traction.

During my web surfing, I came across a couple of interesting, but off topic, links.  While Australian recreational shooters are larger prevented from owning semi-auto rifles anymore, the AR15 type rifles are hugely popular, in many guises, in the USA.  Highly customisable and capable of excellent accuracy they are the leading edge of the new face of varmint hunting in the states.  The Gun News Daily site had a very detailed look at some of the options and goes into the pros and cons of those –  https://gunnewsdaily.com/best-ar-15-for-the-money/

I make use of various types of blinds for wildlife photography and hunting.  The following has link has some interesting choices in hides.