The risk of Snake-bite

Snakebite is one of the key risks for hunters.  That is particularly so for those who hunt alone.  The Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia have highly venomous snakes whose bite can be rapidly fatal.  Bite-proof leg protection below the knees is a major factor in reducing the risk.

Leg Protection from Snake-bite

The vast majority of snake-bites on people trekking through wilderness areas occur below the knee.  There are some simple measures that will protect against snake-bit to the lower legs.  The first, and cheapest, option is gaiters.  The internet offers many gaiters for sale. Some are marketed as “snake-proof” when in fact they are not.  Thin nylon gaiters, or leggings, offer no protection at all from the long, sharp fangs of poisonous snakes.

aussiehunter Amazon snake protection products

Snake-proof Gaiters

I have tried a range of gaiters intended to protect from snake-bite.  To be truly effective the gaiters need to be off thick-walled material and come up to the knee.

So far, the best commercial offering I have found were on Amazon, at the following links.

Australia – Snake-proof gaiters to wear above your hiking boots

USA – Snake-proof gaiters to wear above your hiking boots

Snake-proof Chapz

For even greater security against snake bite, you can consider full groin-to-foot leggings, known as chapz.  Amazon has a selection of these available.

Australia – Snake-proof chapz

USA – Snake-proof chapz

Snake-proof Boots

Another highly effective solution is snake-proof high boots.  Again, Amazon offers such footwear, as follows.

Australia – Women’s High-sided, snake-proof boots

Australia – Men’s High-sided, snake-proof boots

USA – Women’s High-sided, snake-proof boots