A run of fabulous early summer weather has seen me looking for excuses to be outside.  Kathy had joined me in a big gardening effort.  We have been expanding out vegetable gardens and also doing more work on our landscaping features.

It has been some time since we have had any rain.  I have been doing a lot of watering by handheld hose, sprinklers and from a trailer drawn water tank behind my ATV.  The water, warm weather and earlier fertilising efforts have all the trees, shrubs and vegetables growing beautifully.

Having picked up a nice little black bream on a barra lure a couple of days ago I decided to source some smaller lures aimed at black bream.  On Saturday morning, during a trip to town to buy more quick-mix concrete and other hardware supplies, I paid a visit to the fishing tackle shop.  I fell into conversation with a young fellow who professed to success on black bream from his kayak.  He recommended a small Poltergeist lure and on that basis I bought one to try.

aussiehunter poltergeist 50 lureI have plenty of good barra lures, courtesy of my old mate Grizz when he cleared out all his gear prior to moving to Africa.  This morning I got up just before first light to spend an hour or so kayaking.  I had three fishing rods out dragging a selection of lures.  Despite a few kilometres of cruising the bank edges and weed beds I never raised any fish.  Even the sonar showed little in the way of fish.   It was a pleasant time on the water with many platypus to be seen and the usual vast collection of water birds.

On the shooting front I have been up to a few things.   On Friday, one of the nearby farmers called in for a chat.  He had just seen fresh wild dog sign around his herd of pregnant cattle.  With calving due to start in about a week or so he was quite worried about the attacks of wild dogs.

Late yesterday I excused myself briefly from a social function to slip out to his place and set up a game camera overlooking an access point with plenty of fresh dog tracks.  In a few days I will check that and if there is a discernible pattern to any dogs caught on camera.  Then I can plan a hunt.

I have not mentioned the 257 Weatherby which I collected last week.  It came with a generous supply of ammo, reloading components and a big Leupold scope, courtesy of Nioa.  The only thing missing was the reloading dies.  They are now on their way separately.  Given the nature of the Weatherby, with its pronounced free-bore ahead of the chamber, projectile seating will be a bit different to that for a normal calibre.

I will seat the projectiles out as far as the rifle magazine will allow.  There is no point fitting the scope until I have done that, so I am eagerly awaiting the dies so I can start to set up some dummy rounds prior to reloading proper.  I did compare one of the factory rounds to some of my dummy rounds for other calibres; the 223 Rem, the 22-250, 25-06 and 7mm Rem Mag.  It is an impressive looking round that is for sure!

7mm Rem Mag, 257 Weatherby Magnum, 25-06, 22-250 and 223 Rem

7mm Rem Mag, 257 Weatherby Magnum, 25-06, 22-250 and 223 Rem