I always intended to put some travel photographs on this site, and have just done that under Photos / Travel.  I have made a start with some photos and comments from our Indian trip and in addition a story and photos on the Paris Museum of Hunting, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature.

A few of the photos are repeated below.

I have also returned to the recipe section which will be completely revamped into a new format before it is further expanded.  I have a lot of game and other recipes yet to add to the site.  In discussions with Kathy and our visitor Jan we have arrived at what I think is an excellent and uniform way to present any recipe.  It will need a bit more work to get it into final shape, so more of that early next year.

These are good wet season projects to have when heat and tropical rainfall push hunting into the background for a while.

aussiehunter travel India - a roadside tailor is busy sewing

aussiehunter travel India - a boat in the morning mist on Mother Ganga

aussiehunter travel India - a woman in pink walks through a somber forest at dusk