Venison Shabu-Shabu

Having just returned from a trip to Japan, where we greatly enjoyed both the food and the culture, last night we produced our version of two favourite Japanese dishes, shabu-shabu and ramen.  It was a special event too, being our 37th wedding anniversary.

I took a section of venison fillet, half frozen, and sliced it into wafer-thin pieces.  Kathy gathered all the other necessary ingredients.  We placed a hotplate on our patio table and set about preparing and cooking our meal.

A couple of satchels of ramen stock were mixed into two litres of simmering water.  Next, we stirred-in freshly grated ginger, crushed garlic, fined-diced chilli.  After letting that simmer for half an hour we began dinner.  The diced wombok, shitake and inoki mushrooms, spinach, onions went in for ten minutes.  The eggs were cracked and carefully slipped into the broth to poach.


The thin slices of venison were then added to the broth for a minute or so; they cook very quickly.  The eggs, meat and most of the vegetables were then served up and eaten with a variety of dipping sauces and pickled ginger.  A handful of ramen noodles were added to the broth to cook while we ate the main course, with chopsticks, of course!  It was a delicious and entertaining meal and a nice way to celebrate our anniversary.

Over the last few days, we have had a welcome 65mm of rain, relieving the summer heat and quenching the dry ground.  As welcome as the rain is, it has now prevented me from attending the rifle range for two weeks in a row.  I am eager to try a batch of test rounds in the Weatherby Vanguard HSP Varmint rifle that I am currently reviewing.

I have not been out to follow-up on the numerous reports of pigs and wild dogs either.  Just after I got home from our trip I pulled a muscle in my leg, which is preventing me from plodding through thick grass, up and down steep hills.  Being home-bound due to rain and mishaps has been fruitful though, allowing me to do a lot of catch-up on various writing and website projects.