Weatherby Vanguard HSP Varmint Rifle Accuracy

Today I put in a big range session, testing a variety of handloads in the Weatherby Vanguard HSP Varmint rifle in 223 Rem.  Once again, I was highly impressed with this rifle’s inherent accuracy.  It is the most accurate rifle I have had the pleasure of shooting, and that includes a few custom built rifles as well.

A few days ago I paid a visit to my local gun shop and bought a canister of ADI’s BM2 powder.  BM2 is marketed in the USA by Hodgdon as Benchmark.  In perusing the most useful Nosler Reloading website data for the 223 Rem, I had previously noted that Benchmark was often the most accurate powder tested.

At today’s session, I tried a variety of Nosler projectiles, all seated to an OCL of 2.300 inches, well clear of the lands, but just long enough to fit in the Vanguard magazine well.  With a fixed seating depth, I varied the powder charge of BM2 (Benchmark in the USA) from the starting load to maximum load, in half grain increments.

While I have to say, all the loads shot to acceptable hunting accuracy, the 55 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips, loaded over moderate charges of BM2, delivered a couple of 0.2MOA 3-shot groups.  At the next range session, I will vary the seating depth on a fixed weight of BM2 propellant.

My review of the Weatherby Vanguard HSP Varmint rifle is scheduled for publication in the SSAA May edition, so I need to wrap-up my testing as soon as possible.  I will do another range session next Wednesday.  Tomorrow morning, I will be out before crack-of-dawn, seeking to shoot some marauding wild dogs with the Weatherby Vanguard HSP Varmint rifle.  It will be a good field test for this super-accurate rifle.


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